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Stop Over-Age EWS Students From Seeking Admission

The AAP government has informed the Delhi High Court on Wednesday that over-age students of the economically backward section (EWS) and disadvantaged group (DG) have been applying for admissions in the primary classes causing problems to the school administration.

The Delhi government has requested the court to modify an earlier order passed by the High Court which put a stay on the government's circular to set upper age limit for admissions to the EWS/DG category.

Staking its claim, the government said that the Federation of Public Schools, Delhi has written to them that there is "drastic age difference amongst the list of students of pre-school, ranging from three years to seven years" which would create disparity among the students of the same class.

"The admission of the over-age students would create disparity among the students of same class and will disturb the dynamics of classroom teaching thereby leading to isolation as students with varied age groups have di…

EWS Kids Asked To Pay For Books Uniforms

New Delhi: As the new academic session is set to start, parents of students admitted under EWS category are being asked by schools to pay for books and uniforms, as against the government guidelines.

According to guidelines by Directorate of Education, schools “shall not charge tuition fee from the students admitted under EWS/DG category. Further, schools have to provide the free books, school uniforms and writing material to each and every student admitted under EWS/DG category, as is mandated for other children.”

However, contrary to this, private schools are “forcing” parents of Economically Weaker Section-Disadvantaged Group students to shell out money for books, uniforms, and transport.

“The school said only tuition fee is not charged and rest we will have to pay otherwise the admission will be cancelled. I told the principal about the guidelines but she insisted on paying Rs 8,500,” said a parent, a daily-wage labourer, who did not wish to be identified. His child has got admission…