Rules Broken In Nursery Admissions

Many private schools in the capital uploaded their schedule and criteria for nursery admissions on Tuesday, with some clearly flouting the guidelines set by the Directorate of Education.
A case in point is ‘Hope Hall Foundation School’, which on its website has asked the parents to submit a registration fee of Rs 150 per application. The Directorate of Education (DoE) on December 8 had in its circular said that only Rs 25 can be charged as admission registration fee from parents and that the schools cannot force the parents to buy prospectus or charge any processing fee. 

The school has also called the parents for a short interactive session at the school. Though the website states that the session is “meant to introduce the students and parents to the Kidz Kingdom faculty, orient them with the school’s facilities and address any questions parents might have in enrolling their children at the school”, it is unclear whether the schools will be conducting a personal interview of the parents or students or subject them to any screening procedure which has been barred by the Education Department.

Similarly, Queen’s Mary School at Tiz Hizari which released the criteria on its website and has reserved five points for father’s and mother’s graduation, which goes against the DoE guidelines of framing a criteria which is “equitable and non-discriminatory”.

“This means that the children of uneducated parents don’t have the right to education. It seems we have gone seven to eight years back at the time before the Ganguly committee was implemented as some schools are calling child and parents for interview and also written test in spite of the fact as per DoE guidelines for nursery admissions clearly stating otherwise,” said Sumit Vohra, founder of, a portal representing parent community in Delhi. 

Vohra had also written a letter to Education Minister Manish Sisodia highlighting several issues with the admission process.

Another private school, Prabhu Dayal Public School is starting the admission process from January 2, as against the directions by the government to begin the process from January 1. 

“There is a lot of confusion. The government should immediately issue a helpline number to clear these doubts by parents,” Vohra said. 

According to a government official, the department has called a meeting of all Deputy Directors on Thursday to discuss the issues. 

Meanwhile, most schools have kept January 22 as the last date of submission of application forms. 


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