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The Basic Of Citibank Platinum Credit Card

Citibank is one of the most popular banking systems in India. Some key policies and commitments of the bank involve strict adherence to set of rules in order to ensure legal relevance of the business that the bank conducts in the country. The bank offers different products including the credit card. Here, the article highlights some key points about Citibank platinum credit card.
The platinum card of Citibank gives you rewarding experience of earning higher points at your favourite outlets. You can enjoy a lot of redemption options and irresistible discounts along with personalised service. The card also helps you earn 5 reward points, if you spend Rs 125 at selected restaurants and places like famous shopping outlets. The bank gives you 24x7 time service so that customers can have their queries solved through the help line. More over, you can also enjoy some exciting offers on travel, entertainment and dining as well on the Citibank platinum credit card.
Citibank also gives you facilit…

Borrowing Home Loans India

The motive behind writing this article is to assist you to know about home loan India, its importance, feature and ways to get it from a bank. So, to begin with, let us start with definition of home loan. In fact, home loan or housing finance is a kind of finance given to a deserving borrower by a bank to help the borrower purchase a new property for residential purpose. Furthermore, the loan is also given for refinancing/remodeling of any existing home. hence, the prime motive behind it is to reduce monetary problems of people, experienced at the time, when they plan for buying a new home or making renovation or refinance to existing homes. A housing finance is given for different purposes. They are For home purchase To buy land for construction To refinance existing home For home improvement For home refurnishing For home refinancing Hence, the importance of borrowing a housing finance accentuates for the purposes mentioned above. As per acquisition of the loan, a borrower has to appl…

What Considerations Matter When Borrowing A Personal Loan?

Borrowing personal loans, if first-hand experience, then what considerations do matter essentially to borrow it?
Taking out a personal loan is a way better option than borrowing money from usurps to address your needs. This is non-secured finance which involves consideration of documents, current income of borrowers and credit scores, especially when you are taking out secured personal finance.
So, what considerations exactly do you need to take into account when borrowing a personal finance? Read to gain some knowledge for the same;
First of all and as discussed before, you should consider whether secured or non-secured personal finance as both options have their own terms and conditions. Consideration of either is the first way to move ahead with borrowing.
So far as secured personal finance is concerned, it largely involves consideration of your credit history, your income and repayment capacity. Credit history is determined on the basis of your past repayment made to certain lenders o…

The Basic Of Borrowing Personal Loans In India

If you are contemplating for a personal loan to address your particular needs, you should better consider some important things before you go for it. In fact, borrowing a personal finance is neither difficult nor easy. It largely depends on the factor of whether or not you have totally complied with terms and conditions associated with it. The basic guidelines to borrow a personal finance in India - Study Eligibility Criteria More often than not, borrowers do not prioritize studying eligibility criteria of lending institutions for a personal finance. Leading Indian finance institutions like State Bank of India, Axis Bank, CitiBank and HDFC Bank have set of approved eligibility criteria for personal finance. For instance, HDFC Bank in India does not consider a borrower with poor financial condition and bad credit scores. It demands salary slip, bank account statement and other income sources to assess the gravity of your repayment capacity against the finance you wish to borrow. Common eli…

Things To Care before Choosing Personal Loan

A person loan can benefit individuals in many ways. In fact, a loan of this type can serve numerous purposes related to personal expenses. In India, there are many people with no significant knowledge on personal finance/loan. They are also not aware of prevailing rate of interest imposed on personal finances.

This is surely a dilemma for first time borrowers and that’s what makes them know various terms related to personal loan in India. In this context, the borrowers should opt for the loan with inexpensive offer. Most lenders offer loan with higher rate of interest ranging from 14%-25%. In this sense, borrowers should understandably research deeply to get lenders with low rate personal loan offer.
In addition, borrowers should ensure if there is any hidden charge imposed on personal finances. For example, SBI personal loan involves processing fees, stamp fees and lawyer’s fees. They are mandatory and borrowers have to pay them at any cost. Without prerequisite payments, banks don’t …

Exciting Car Loans Banks Offer

Banks are there to lend money for individuals, corporates and other group of customers. But, before choosing particular lender, you need to consider some key aspects such as loan terms, EMI and tenure period. There are number of government and private banking institutions that provide several exciting offers to fulfil your different financial need whether it is personal loan, home or car finance.
Banks usually give finance arrangement on some collateral, for example, you have to keep asset with lender or you are having sufficient money in your bank account. Banks Car loans is easily available from different lenders or banking institutions. But in auto finance, you do not need to be worried, as car in this case serves the purpose of collateral or security.
Now, if you are looking to get the best deal for auto financing, it is essential aspect to explore all necessary aspects such as rate of interest and EMI. By getting low rate of interest, you simply have to pay lesser amount …

Bank Car Loan: Drive Home a New Car

Bank car loan is surely one of the best car loans for all those individuals who want to finance for their new cars. In India, loans of such kinds have deeply entrenched in Indian society with a conception that it can sustain sufficient amount of money to power up the car buying capacity of buyers. In other words, auto loan is one of the best loans that you can opt for rather than being dependable on unreliable external source.
There is no dearth of banks and lending institutes in the country where auto loan can be obtained. However, it is quite risky to choose their offer regarding the loan before you don’t have plan anything for it and have not taken some important things into consideration. These banks do mean business with you but you should not blindly accept their loan offer without pre-consideration of some vital points in this regard.
Rateof interest on car loan of different banks vary and so you need to compare car loan interest of these banks and churn out the one that is rela…